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Nurturing for success at our Liliput

Our Mission:

The mission of LILIPUT Academy, Bhubaneswar, is to provide our students with a nurturing and safe environment conducive to learning, where they can develop a desire to be challenged, a sense of independence and self-confidence, and most important, a love of learning that will set a strong foundation for their future. We hold a fundamental belief about the importance of education and its ability to nurture the development of intelligence through a unique curriculum encompassing music, the arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy and physical exploration.

Our Team:

We are a team because we respect, trust & care for each other. Our greatest strength is our team spirit & that will remain because a core of us come through the leagues together.

Anjali Swain - Founder

Our Staff:

Our teachers are the heart of our school. At LILIPUT Academy our lead teachers are all trained in the Montessori philosophy.

Our story:

Liliput academy opened in the fall of 2018 and represents the fulfillment of a dream for the founders, who have long envisioned a high-quality childcare center and school in Bhubaneswar for the very youngest children. The Liliput Academy is created with an abundance of collective energy and like-mindedness.

Liliput Academy provides a unique early childhood education program which is influenced by the various experiences of the team in such programs at infant/toddler centers and preschools. The founders of the school have made several trips to various child care and development organisations to study the approach, and have participated for 10 years in professional development collaborative devoted to supporting various government and private child care and development institutions.

A primary mission of the school is to promote a rich, meaningful early childhood experience for all children. The Liliput Academy is born out of a dedication to challenge the status quo for early childhood education, and it is built on the belief that schools have a responsibility to strengthen family advocacy for education.

The founders and co-founders of Liliput Academy intentionally chose to open the school in a house environment, as they embrace the idea of creating a special home-like environment for children to spend their time away from their parents. The Liliput Academy is built upon the idea that the environment should function as a “third teacher” and the design of the school is prepared accordingly. The environment is rich with engaging materials that offer limitless possibilities for young children. The school has a fully-functioning kitchen which serve children and adults palatable meals together. The outdoor space of the school embraces the natural world as a key element of the environment.

Our Enterprise:

At LILIPUT Academy we aim for every child to

 Be a skilful communicator and competent learner

 Keep safe by discovering boundaries and making choices

 Be emotionally and physically healthy

 Respect each other by understanding feelings and friendship

 Develop their independence in a secure environment

 Learn personal safety and healthy habits.

At LILIPUT Academy we aim and focus to provide quality and deliver the best learning through highly qualified teachers who are always ready to put in arduous efforts in identifying and streamlining the kid’s natural talent.

Educational programmes involve activities and experiences for children, as follows:

Personal, social and emotional development
We help children to develop a positive sense of themselves, and others; to form positive relationships and develop respect for others; to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and to have confidence in their own abilities.
Physical development
We provide opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. We give children opportunities to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food.
Communication and language development
We give children opportunities to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations. Literacy development We encourage children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. We give the children access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poem and other materials) to ignite their interests.
Understanding the World
We guide children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment.
Expressive Arts and Design
We enable children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role-play, and design and technology.

Our approach to learning and development and assessment

Learning through play
Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children learn to think. Our school provides a range of play activities which help children to make progress in each of the areas of learning and development. In some of these activities children decide how they will use the activity and, in others, and adult takes the lead in helping the children to take part in the activity
We assess how young children are learning and developing by observing them frequently. We use information that we gain from observations, as well as from photographs of the children, to document their progress and where this may be leading them. We believe that parents know their children best and we ask them to contribute to assessment by sharing information about what their children like to do at home and how they as parents are supporting development using school’s curriculum based books and other books as per update links on the school’s website, from time to time. We make periodic assessment summaries of children’s achievements based on our development records. These form part of children’s records of achievement. We undertake these assessment summaries at regular intervals as well as times of transition, such as when a child moves into a different group or when they go on to school.
Records of achievement
The school keeps a record of achievement for each child. Your child’s record of achievement helps us to celebrate together her/his achievements and to work together to provide what your child needs for her/his well-being and to make progress.
Safeguarding children
Our school has a duty to help safeguard children against suspected or actual ‘significant harm’. Our employment practices ensure children against the likelihood of abuse in our school and we have a procedure for managing complaints or allegations against a member of staff. Our way of working with children and their parents ensures we are aware of any problems that may emerge and offer help, accordingly.

Parents as Partners:

We recognize parents as the first and most important educators of their children. All of the staff sees themselves as partners with parents in providing care and education for their child. There are many ways in which parents take part in making LILIPUT Academy a welcoming and stimulating place for children and parents We welcome parents to help at sessions, sharing their own interests and skills in music, nursing or sport. Other ways to get involved include various awareness events or volunteering for the school committee and of course, it's just as important to simply help your child enjoy their early years, show an interest in their learning, share your child’s achievements with us and let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions

It has been said that it is only in play the children will take their learning to the highest level as they feel safe to explore without being wrong.

We are lucky to have and expect to expand the circle of an active and enthusiastic committee of teachers and parents – this really is a great way to get involved in the running of the LILIPUT Academy, if you think you might like to get involved, please do let us know or speak to the Curriculum Director.